February 16, 2020

A furnace can keep you comfortable on a chilly day or frigid night. Perhaps you haven’t thought much about your heating system until now, but many people want to know how the furnace in their home works. Here is a straightforward explanation of how your furnace functions.

Furnace Basics

A gas-powered air system is a common type of furnace. With this system, equipment heats the air in one place and then moves throughout the home via vents and ductwork. These systems are often called forced-air distribution systems. If your furnace is this type, the main components would include the control system, gas valve, heat exchanger, burners, blower, and ductwork.

Getting It Started

When the thermostat clicks on, the furnace begins the process of warming up the air. The gas valves will open, and the burner component will ignite in the combustion chamber. Along with the thermostat, the gas valve also controls the amount of gas flowing into the furnace.

Many people experience problems with their furnace at this stage. Sometimes, the pilot light simply isn’t lit. This is something you can easily correct yourself. However, furnaces can be tricky to fix, and you don’t want to tinker with one if you smell gas. That’s a red flag indicating you should call in a professional to inspect your system. Roanoke Mechanical Heating & Cooling can come out to your Roanoke home to check out your furnace so that you can stay safe and comfortable.

Heating Up the Air

Once the gas valves are engaged, the flames in the burner component will heat air in the exchanger. The heat is circulated from the heat exchanger by the blower motor and fan. The fan pushes it through your home’s ductwork. When the house reaches the right temperature, the thermostat will shut off the heating system. That is the basic heating process of your furnace.

The experienced technicians at Roanoke Mechanical Heating & Cooling provide heating and cooling services to people throughout the Roanoke area. We’ve been serving them since 2013, and we want our customers to be comfortable in their homes. Our company offers emergency services for all repairs. We can even help you choose the right heating or cooling system for your property and keep it well-maintained throughout the years. If you need any type of cooling or heating services, call Roanoke Mechanical Heating & Cooling today.

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