Outstanding Furnace Tune-up Services

    Outstanding Furnace Tune-up Services in Roanoke VARoanoke Mechanical Heating & Cooling is a family-owned and -operated heating company serving clients throughout Roanoke, VA. Our furnace maintenance service prioritizes hiring skilled technicians and staff to deliver the best possible customer service. When you call us, a real person will answer the phone.

    With over 40 years of experience, we are a HomeAdvisor Top Rated, screened and approved company. We are certified by the EPA and accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating. Our technicians have the knowledge to maintain heat pumps and boilers in addition to furnaces. It doesn’t matter what brand your heating system is because we provide maintenance for all of them. The weather in Roanoke gets cold in autumn and doesn’t warm up again until April. Heating maintenance scheduled before winter arrives will keep your system operating reliably.

    Benefits of choosing us:
    • Affordable prices
    • Flexible scheduling
    • 24-hour emergency service
    • Convenient maintenance agreements

    Affordable Furnace Maintenance in Roanoke

    Why Heating Systems Need Maintenance

    How do you know you need a furnace tune-up? If your heating system has gone over a year without maintenance, then it is in need of a tune-up. You should schedule maintenance as soon as possible in this situation. All types of heating systems need a tune-up at least once a year.

    Regular furnace maintenance prevents heating problems like insufficient airflow and high-energy bills. It reduces the chance of your heating system breaking down in any way. Various important tasks will be completed during professional maintenance.

    A routine tune-up includes:
    • Inspection of the heat exchanger
    • Lubrication of moving components
    • Tightening of loose electrical connections
    • Checking for carbon monoxide leaks
    • Cleaning of the burner

    A lot goes on during maintenance, making it well worth the price. From a long-term perspective, you’ll save money by scheduling heating maintenance on a yearly basis. Lack of regular maintenance can cause your energy bill to skyrocket.

    Annual furnace tune-ups are also important to keep your home safe. Dust build-up inside the unit can cause fires. We’ll thoroughly clean all internal components during maintenance. The air filter is another key component of your heating system that needs to be changed regularly. As a courtesy, Roanoke Mechanical Heating & Cooling will change the air filter during tune-ups in the Roanoke area.

    Affordable Furnace Maintenance in Roanoke

    You can trust us for quality heating maintenance. Our technicians are certified and knowledgeable about different brands. Our positive ratings and customer reviews show that we’re a dependable resource. We offer generous maintenance agreements with the intent of helping all Roanoke residents keep their heating systems in good condition.

    At Roanoke Mechanical Heating & Cooling we not only offer reliable furnace maintenance in Roanoke, but we also offer furnace repair, installation and cooling maintenance.

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