June 8, 2020

Duct CleaningMold circulating in your home can be inhaled and cause a variety of health issues. Air conditioner use can cause the growth of mold in your ductwork. When this mold becomes detached from the sides of your ducts, it can become airborne and enter your home. Here’s a look at how to remove mold.

Ozone Shock Treatment

Since the inside of your ducts are difficult to clean using many traditional methods, ozone shock treatment is a great way to deal with mold. Bacteria and mold is killed in the presence of high levels of ozone. An ozone generation machine can be hooked up to the intake of your air conditioner and run for several hours. During this time, vents need to be covered in plastic to ensure ozone doesn’t escape. When the procedure is done, the plastic covers should be removed and your air conditioner left to run to clear out any ozone and get fresh air circulating again.

Household Cleaners

If you can see mold on your vents and ducts, you can use some standard household cleaners to get it cleaned off. Mixing detergent with water is an effective way to kill mold, as is bleach mixed with water. Be sure to wear protective clothing and a mask while cleaning so that you don’t inhale any mold spores or harm yourself from the chemicals in the cleaners.

Hire a Professional

If you have a severe mold problem, you might need professional assistance to get it dealt with. The team from Roanoke Mechanical Heating & Cooling will use advanced cleaning techniques to make sure that all of the mold in your Roanoke home is identified and killed. Mold issues that persist after you’ve tried to deal with them yourself should be attended to by a professional.

Reliable HVAC Company

Roanoke Mechanical Heating & Cooling is a BBB-accredited company with an A+ rating ready for any type of job in Roanoke. We offer comprehensive heating and cooling repair, replacement, and maintenance services, and we offer Navien tankless water heater system installation and repair options.

To find out more about how we could serve your needs in Roanoke, VA, call Roanoke Mechanical Heating & Cooling today.

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