July 15, 2020

Family Laughing Keeping the air inside of your home free of pollutants is essential to maintaining a healthy environment for you and your family. However, indoor air is often much more polluted than outdoor air. Understanding the various household products that create pollution is critical for maximizing the quality of your indoor air.

Here are five common household products that will pollute your home’s air.

1. Air Fresheners

The use of air fresheners can have an adverse effect on your indoor air quality. Some air fresheners contain over 100 chemicals. These air fresheners are especially problematic for anyone with asthma or breathing problems.

2. Candles

Candles are popular with many homeowners because they emit a wide variety of scents. However, candles can decrease the quality of air by causing lung inflammation due to particulate matter. Using candles made from beeswax is a much safer alternative.

3. Aerosol Sprays

Aerosol sprays contain a large number of VOCs which pollute indoor and outdoor air quality. Limiting the use of aerosol sprays is important in helping maintain the quality of air in your home.

4. Cleaning Products

Many people associate cleaning products with a fresh-smelling home. However, scented cleaning products can produce harmful VOCs. Choosing natural products such as water, baking soda, and vinegar is a much safer option.

5. Paint

A newly painted room could be emitting various chemicals. Unfortunately, this greatly decreases the quality of air in your home. Storing paint cans in your attic or garage will also impact the quality of air. The best way to limit this problem is to choose low-VOC paints to reduce the amount of air pollution. Once you’re done with a paint job, be sure to open windows and air out the room.

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