January 20, 2021

Boilers are often misunderstood by homeowners. They can be useful in a variety of situations and operate in a highly energy-efficient manner. Having the right boiler in your home could lower your energy bills and be a great investment.

How Boiler Systems Work

Boilers produce large quantities of hot water for a variety of uses. They can also boil water when needed. They can be used for cooking, showers, and as part of a central heating system. While furnaces can only produce hot air, boiler systems can perform a variety of tasks. They can be powered off of wood, coal, natural gas, or electricity.

Types of Boilers

There are three main types of boilers, combination, system, and regular boilers. Combination boilers will heat water as it passes through the waterline. This eliminates the need for any sort of water storage tank. System boilers will store hot water in a cylinder and are easy to hook up to solar systems. Regular boilers stores water in one tank and also need cold water tanks. These are also easy to install with a solar system.

Benefits of Boiler Systems

Choosing the right boiler system is important for reliable heat and hot water. If you have an old radiator in your home that you’re replacing, a regular boiler could be right for you. For larger homes with higher hot water needs, system boilers could work better. If space is a concern, a combination boiler could be right for you. A properly installed and maintained boiler can operate efficiently and reliably for a long time.

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