June 6, 2021
Cooling Solutions in Rocky Mount, VA

Whether you have a tendency to turn the air conditioning on as soon as the temperatures creeps up or you wait until the last possible day to do so, you should recognize that there are other ways to cool down the house. In fact, on a beautiful spring or early summer day, an indoor breeze can be quite pleasant. Further, you need to know what to do in the event that the air conditioner fails.

Invest in Powerful Fans

One little fan in the living room probably isn’t enough to keep your entire home cool. However, if you install a few ceiling fans throughout the house, you can enjoy cooler temperatures even without the air conditioner. Some people prefer floor fans. You can find some powerful floor fans that can keep you cool even when the temperature does increase a bit.

Create a Cross Breeze

Think about the last time you felt a gentle cross breeze glide across your skin. You don’t need to wait until you’re in a fancy hotel or restaurant again to experience this delight. Create a cross breeze in your home with windows and doors on warmer days. Even if these openings aren’t positioned for a cross breeze, you can use a properly placed fan to get the same effect.

Purchase Screened Doors

If you have screened storm doors in your house, you can leave the main door open to let in some air. This method can work particularly well in a kitchen when you’re cooking. Of course, you should make sure you’re taking proper safety precautions. See that the screened door is locked in a way that keeps children and pets from easily getting out. For safety reasons, you definitely shouldn’t depend on these to protect your property when you’re out of the house.

Working with a professional from Roanoke Mechanical Heating & Cooling in Roanoke can help you learn more about cooling your home without air conditioning. In fact, we offer a complete line of heating and cooling installation, repair and maintenance to residents throughout the entire Roanoke area. Besides that, we handle standard and tankless water heaters. For information on any of these topics, call us today to speak with someone on our staff.

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